Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A tough loss for the men of USA Hockey, but their heads are high!

After playing an elimination round game yesterday, the men of USA hockey team had yet another today. Today's game was against the Czech Republic and it was a very evenly matched game.

At the last minute, I decided to try can find some clean glass on the opposite side of the ice. And sure enough, I did. So I stayed down low and shot the third period there. I really like the ice position since it puts me at the same level as the athletes and brings the viewer of my photos into the action.

Before the players came out on the ice, I decided to run over to the other side of the rink to get some shots of them entering .

The guys huddled up before the game.

Both teams had some good scoring chances. I, on the other hand, was having a tough time scoring good photos. The plexiglass (which we have to shoot through) has gone from amazing to really poor. There are not only a lot of scuff marks from pucks and sticks, but the glass seems to have some anomalies which are blurring many of my photos.

After being completely frustrated by the lack of quality in my images from the first period, I decided to shoot from above the glass during the second and third period.

The good thing about shooting up high, is that it is really easy to get clean shots from this vantage point. The bad news is that I am high enough that I am not seeing the skater's eyes and expressions. But it did allow me to get this shot of Jim Slater on his break away short-handed goal.

That is worth a real celebration!

As I mentioned, I had planned on shooting the third period from up high, but then decided to check out the glass on the other side of the rink. I found a clean sheet and positioned myself there. This also happened to be by all the player's families, so I took advantage of that too. Too cute!

Big hits and big shots!

It was so nice to be able to get clean shots again at ice level!

I love this photo of Ryan Donato getting pushed back into the Czech's net.

Soon after Ryan let off a bomb of a shot from close range.

It was a power play with only a minute left in the game. And the puck hit their goalie and just dropped. I was talking with Ryan Zapolski (our goalie) tonight and he said that most of the time those pucks hit and go in. But it did not happen today.

You can see the exacerbation on all the USA fan's faces.

And as we went into overtime, it was a level of stress on the family members and American fans.

The game went to a shootout with 5 shooters on each team. The goalies were both fantastic with only one person scoring.

Unfortunately for Team USA, it was not them.

Shot after shot, we could not slip one past the Czech net minder.

One last attempt and...the game was over.

Since I was sitting right by the celebration, and it is my job to tell the story, I captured a bunch of photos of the Czech team elation. This photo cracks me up because all the guys on the left are in the air. Look, not one skate on the ice!

Then it was the customary handshakes and done.

The men took it really well. Later tonight (11pm) they made their appearance on the Today Show, and as you can tell, they were having fun.

They were there with the skiers and ice dancers.

On the plaza ready to make their appearance.

I saw Hoda Kotb doing a selfie with everyone and quickly back button focused on her face, raised my camera and took this shot of all of them.

It was an amazing hockey game, just with the wrong outcome. But the guys were gracious about it and made it a fun day all around.

Now - let's see if the American women can beat Canada in tomorrow's gold medal game!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hockey, hockey and more hockey

I am a little behind on blogging all my images, and thought that I would combine some of my favorite hockey images over the last 3 or 4 days into this one blog post.

So with that... enjoy!

USA Women vs Canada

This was the toughest match of the tournament, as expected, and a preview of tomorrow's gold medal game.

The woman played a strong game with a lot of shots on goal.

And our goalie did a good job of stopping pucks...

...but just not enough.

I don't get this shot in the NHL.


And celebration!

This is an unusual shot, with the puck right in front of the goalie, and her looking completely in the wrong direction.

This little get together happened in the third period. I just fired away, and laughed later when I saw the Canadian woman in the front smiling at Amanda Kessel.

And then a couple of frames later I got this photo of the Canadian goaltender taking a swing at Monique Lamoureux-Morando

The American ladies played really well but came up short on this one. I hope that tomorrow is a different story. For this Olympics, I want nothing more than a gold medal for these ladies. Redemption for what happened 4 years ago in Sochi.

USA Women vs Finland

The women of Team USA dominated this game from start to finish.

I love the stick flex in this photo.

I backhand maneuver to the side of the net..and a score!

Dani Cameranesi had this big smile as she skated back to the bench after scoring her goal.

I love getting shots of the fans in the crowd, but it is even more fun when it is my friends, Kevin and Gayla, from back home in CA.

The American women kept scoring, and the had the game in hand at 5 to 0.

With the game pretty much locked up, I decided to do something I have NEVER done before, and that is motion panning a hockey game. And it yielded some pretty cool shots.

This one is hanging on the wall at Canon's CPS desk at the Main Press Center.

A solid win for the ladies and a trip to the gold medal game tomorrow. GO TEAM USA!!!

USA Men vs Slovakia

The team likes me to take photos of the warm-ups before the game so that they can post to social media prior to the start. I got this shot of Ryan Donato saucing (lifting) the puck right at me.

Mark Arcobello saw me standing at the glass taking photos and gave me this smile. Love it!

Then it was game time.

I use a combination of a Canon 70-200mm lens on one Canon 1D X MKII camera and a Canon 8-15mm fish eye lens on another Canon 1D X MKII camera.

I love this shot of Brian Gionta jumping off the ice. Unfortunately I was pre-focused on the goalie, but it is still worth keeping.

For the second period, I decided to stand at a higher position (not on the glass) to get a different perspective. It is also much easier to shoot without scratched plexi in front of me.

Another jump, but this time for a goal.

And a celebration...

I saw this fan celebrating below me, and decided to focus on him and let the players go out of focus. Something different.

And another goal.

And another celebration.

Shoot and repeat!

And since I had some luck the game before, I decided to do some motion panning again.

The game ended with the US victorious and moving on to yet another game. I am actually finishing this blog post from ice level in between warm-ups and the next men's game. Let's go boys!

After the game, I went into the mix zone to get some shots of the guys as they came off the ice.

Big smiles all around and they continue their quest for a medal. We will know more in about 3 hours. :)

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