Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Toronto Flowers

I had a couple of hours to myself in Toronto and decided to take a walk, just me and my camera. I knew that they always had great flowers in one spot downtown so I strolled over and took some shots. Nothing too amazing, but this one caught my attention. Toronto is one of my favorite cities: the people are pleasant, great sites to see and, hey, it is the home of hockey!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Right place, right time

We are down in San Diego today to shoot an event at the San Diego Yacht Club. Nice setting for a party! We arrived today and will be shooting for most of tomorrow. This evening we were having a glass of wine just off of the golf course, with my camera close by, and I saw this hummingbird hovering a couple of feet from me. I had my Canon 40D and 200mm (with a 1.4x adaptor) in my lap and got off some shots before he took off. The lighting and shutter speed were well matched and I was happy to get this image showing the awesome speed of the wings.