Friday, December 28, 2007

Capturing photos in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Even a broken jaw can't keep me from shooting. I had a chance to go out shooting with my good friend Moose Peterson, who lives in Mammoth ( and I wasn't going to miss that opportunity. He is such a great photographer and an even better person. We drove out to a small "town" called Benton, which basically has one building standing, and shot pictures of the old remaining structures. The sky was overcast which was perfect for us.
The great thing about the snow is that I can take pictures of our dog, Bailey. Since he is all black, it is difficult to take good pictures of him, but the snow acts as a giant reflector and helps me out. He loves the snow and I love taking pictures of him. What a funny dog he is.The kids enjoy the snow as much, or more, than the dog. Since I had a broken jaw, I wasn't about to go sledding, but I always enjoy photographing them doing their thing.


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