Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Great Day in Yellowstone National Park

OK, let's get this out now...I am a city boy (other wise known as a flat lander) and I don't usually get a chance to see great wildlife in the SF Bay Area. Well...I guess there is some wildlife in the Bay Area but not the four legged type. :) But, this past weekend, in between shooting a National Ad for Lexar, we had some time to venture into Yellowstone National Park and photograph some of the great wildlife that calls the park home. I was especially excited to photograph the Bighorn Sheep. They are so cool looking! Even with the temperature hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of -4 degrees Fahrenheit, we stood below the mountainside for over an hour shooting images of these guys. It was probably a good thing that they went back up the mountainside after an hour, otherwise I might have gotten frostbite on my "city boy" face.

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