Monday, March 9, 2009

Alex's Bar Mitzvah and a GREAT party

Last Saturday I made the drive up to Walnut Creek to photograph Alex's Bar Mitzvah. We had really nice weather and a Temple with really nice lighting inside. Once again, I was able to use the video capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark II to capture images in the Temple without the annoying shutter noise from the camera. And the quality of the shots from this 21MP camera is awesome.
After the service I made the trip to San Francisco to visit my mother (since I had time in between the service and the party). I was showing her the capabilities of Photoshop and how you can manipulate images. I turned this image to B&W and then brought back the color in Alex's eyes and tie. My mother was very impressed and Alex loved this picture when we projected the images at his party later that evening.
I saw this very cool piece during the Kiddush luncheon. The Rabbi poured the wine into the top and it spilled into each of the surrounding cups. In all the Temples I have worked in, I have never seen this. Always looking for the cool detail shots, this is one of my favorites.
The party...what can I say...this one rocked! "Denon and Doyle" did the entertainment and I have to say that they were amazing. It makes my job so much easier when there is cool lighting and lots of action. This party had it all, the music, the lights, the props, nice people and most of kids!

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Mike said...

Great shots. Yes the "detail shot" is fantastic.