Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mother and Daughter - It's All In The Eyes

And people wonder why I love photographing kids. Look at the innocence and emotion in these eyes! I was taking photos at my friend Michele's parents 35th anniversary party and took a little time with her daughter to grab this shot. The best way to photograph kids is to let them be themselves and just hang back with a long lens. She was playing with this little fountain (in the restaurant courtyard) and I waited for just the right moment to capture this photo.

And where does the little girl get those great eyes? From her mom of course. So we walked just outside the courtyard by a nice wall and I shot this photo of Michele. I used a 50mm 1.4 lens to make the most of the depth of field and focus only on her eye. I wanted to show Michele and just a hint of the light fixture in the background, but also hide the fact that we were in a parking lot!

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blackberrymuffin said...

Hey there, I loved your photos. I like that they have a fresh dramatic look. I love the one of the little girl. I can also tell she is a ham. That's okay I gave birth to the biggest ham out there. I would like to see more photos of nature, landscapes, and kids caught in the moment of what ever. If and when you get around to it. Keep snapping.