Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Clear Day In San Francisco

Yesterday we made a family trip to the Marin Headlands. As we drove into the San Francisco, we could see that it was a very clear day. For those of you who know the city, it is not often that you have a clear day with no fog or haze. The traffic getting through San Francisco was brutal, but once we made it onto the Golden Gate Bridge and headed over towards Sausalito, things eased up and we relaxed and enjoyed the day.

By the time we made it over to the headlands, it was 11:30am, not the best time to take photographs. But, since we were there and it was so clear, I had to grab a couple of shots from this vantage point.

For this shot, I climbed down the hillside until I came across a cluster of Golden Poppies so that I could frame them into my shot. Not the best shot, but at least it was different from the hundreds of people who were taking the "standard picture" of the bridge from up on the road. For those of you photo enthusiasts out there, try to include an interesting foreground in your shots to make them different.

This is a less creative shot, but I could not resist this shot since it is not often that I can get a shot like this with the city so clearly in the background of the bridge. Hey, sometimes we are allowed to shoot the "tourist shots" too. :)

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Lady in waiting said...

What a beautiful photo, how exciting. I can't wait to see that lovely view myself when I head the USA in Septmber.

Love your photos.