Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese food markets in Hong Kong - the colors, the patterns and the differences from home!

During the trip to Asia, we made two visits to the Chinese food markets in Hong Kong. One of the markets was on the Kowloon side and the other was on Hong Kong Island. As I looked back over the images, I realized that these images would warrant their own blog entry.  

This is a fairly typical view from a downtown street in Hong Kong. I shot this image because I liked the large amount of store signs and activity in the street.

And then it was time to enter the street market to get some shots.

I am not sure what the heck these were, but I love the colors and textures of this fruit (or vegetable).

A woman organizing her veggies.

There were some amazing colors and patterns in the market.

I took some close-up images of this particular vegetable stand, and then started to walk away, when I turned back and saw this side view of all the asparagus stacked high. 

This old lady made me laugh. I must have watched her for 5 minutes and she never changed her expression or her pose. I am not sure if she was selling anything. Maybe she was the matriarch of that vegetable stand. :)

At these markets, people can buy just about every kind of food imaginable.

These meat stands were everywhere in the market. I was intrigued by the large amounts of meat which are hanging in the 90 degree weather, exposed to all the elements.

Many of the vendors did not like being photographed, but this butcher was hamming it up with me.

Someone got your tongue?

Just like the meat stands, there were many stands with fresh fish. Many of the fish are still alive.

Not these. :)

This was a little shocking to a guy from California. Sure, I am used to seeing crabs sold at Fishermens Wharf, but as I walked through the market, I was surprised to see bags of live toads, turtles and other creatures.

I was just about done shooting images in the market when I looked down an alleyway and saw these pigs hanging. I ventured behind the stands, made my way into the back alley, and shot this.

 Smoked duck.

Ahhhhh - this is how they smoke the duck!

I hope you enjoyed the trip to the market. Stay tuned for some cool shots of the Hong Kong skyline (during the day and night).


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Very nice colors and cool images. Thanks for sharing. Mickey

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Hey Mr.
Can I use your foto plz?

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Sorry - the images are all copyrighted. If you want to use any of them, you would have to pay for that use.