Monday, November 29, 2010

Cruising to Mexico - Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas - Part 2

On the third night of the cruise, we had our first formal dinner. Yep, it was times for all of us to get dressed up.

Since we rarely get formal, we took advantage of this and took a family picture at sunset from our balcony. You probably know the drill...set the camera on a tripod, set the timer, and run into the picture.

Every time you get off the ship, you are hounded by people trying to sell you something. Ali really wanted her picture taken with this parrot so we sprung the $1 and got the shot. :)

As we walked away from the Oosterdam on the way to our excursion, I saw this nice shot of the ship with some interesting foreground.  

In Puerto Vallarta we decided to take the family zip lining. This trip started with a short boat ride, and then a one hour ride in the back of a truck, in order to get to the mountains. As we proceeded to get on the boat, we looked down (by the rocky shoreline) and saw a bunch of iguanas sunning themselves.  

It was fun to see these guys in the wild and not behind a pane of glass in an aquarium.

We got to the zip line place and I had to turn over my camera (since we really did need both hands for the ropes). And I almost brought one of my GoPro video cameras on the trip. Bummer! Before handing over the 5D Mark II, I did get this picture of Dean, Connor, Blake and Ali (my kids and their cousins) with their bandannas on.

As we were hiking through the forest, from one zip line to the next, we saw a bunch of these giant spiders. Once I got my camera back, I made sure to capture a shot of these creatures.

We then left Puerto Vallarta and cruised on the Cabo San Lucas. We arrived at port early in the morning. I woke up as we were pulling in and saw me wife out on the deck, enjoying the view. I took this one with her knowing that I was there. An unspoiled moment for her. :)

More images to come....

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Unknown said...

Looks like Ctenosaurus lizards and a Nephila spider - excellent shooting!