Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: USA Water Polo Women vs. Hungary (another nail biter!)

Last night was the first water polo game for the women of Team USA and they came through with a win against Hungary. It was another nail biter, winning by just one point, just like the men's team the night before. And here are some of the photos from last night's game.

Just before the team comes out of the locker room area, they wait to be announced. I managed to get some shots of them as they anticipated their Olympic debut. There were many different emotions, captured in numerous images. A cross between excited, ecstatic, pensive, curious and heavy concentration.

A wide shot of the venue taken from my shooting position on the pool deck.

Before the warmups had started, I noticed that the pool was perfectly still and the ball was placed for the beginning of the match. I shot this to highlight the colors of the ball, but also include the Olympic logo in the background. (All of these shots were taken with the upcoming Canon 200-400 L series lens).

It is truly amazing how high these women can get their bodies out of the water.

I like this shot but saw something really cool...

...so I cropped in and created this image. This is one of my favorites from the Olympics so far. I love the way that the logo and the tattoo are so perfectly in line with each other.

Maggie Steffens was absolutely amazing with 7 (yes I said 7) goals in this game. She is one of the youngsters on the team and came through big last night! The following shots were in taken in succession (at 12 frames a second with the Canon 1Dx). Look at the power in her shot.

Score on the penalty shot!

And yet another shot showing the pure determination on Maggie's face.

Brenda Villa taking a shot into the net.

Another cool shot showing the water trail behind the ball.

After each game, some of the athletes will join the press in the "mix area" and I capture some images there as well. Here is Brenda Villa being interviewed.

The coaches reaction to the game.

Jessica Steffens being interviewed and asked about her sister's performance. Look at that great smile!

Maggie being interviewed after her 7 goal Olympic debut. Not a bad way to start the Games for her. After looking at the successive shots (post above), I decided that I should create a montage of those images for the team. Here is what I created for them.
Both men and women teams has won their first games. Lets hope they keep that streak going!

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