Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toronto - A visit to "Graffiti Alley"

Last week I posted a blog showing some of the scenes of downtown Toronto. This week I want to show you all images of one small part of the city. The area is unofficially called "Graffiti Alley" and it is a really cool place to shoot photos. I found out about this alley (just off of Nassau Street)  while researching the Internet for cool places to photograph in Toronto. Come along for a colorful view of Graffiti Alley.

I wanted to take a wide shot of the alley so that you could get a feel for the environment. (Photographer's note: It is important to include environmental shots along with your detail photos, since this helps tell the whole story. This is true when photographing events, sports, landscapes, and sometimes portraits too.)

All of these photos were taken with the Canon 5D Mark III. This was the maiden voyage with the Canon EF 28-300mm lens, which I chose to bring with me on this trip, with the goal of using one lens for everything.

I decided to shoot this image at an angle, including the black staircase, since it seemed to add an additional element to the scene.

"I'm just walking my dog singing my song..." Funny stuff.

This cracked me up. An alleyway full of graffiti and two toilets... The smiley heart just added to the fun. :)

I shot this image, because I was drawn to the light on this one pipe. The pipe that was lit from the sun, while the rest of the wall was in shadow. Something different.

A very cool fence door. It makes you wonder what is behind it.

I really liked this piece of graffiti because it included "Toronto" on the wall, helping me show the city of origin.

Awesome colors!

I hope you enjoyed my walk through "Graffiti Alley".

I can now say that I have photographed this unique wall art in San Francisco and Toronto. Where else have you seen cool street art like this? Let me know.


Unknown said...

Cool work Jeff! That area reminds me of the Art District in Los Angeles that I've shot recently but seems to be more concentrated in that alley in Toronto.

Timothy said...

To answer your question at the end of your blog, Belfast, Northern Ireland. We were there in the summer of 2009 and captured some great wall graffiti.

So how did you like your new lens?

Leonard said...

In Brussels, at least in 2005, there was comic art on the walls throughout the city.

Dave W said...

Nelson Street in Bristol has a graffiti area - I keep meaning to take my camera when I go....
I should be braver but I can be very self critical and normally end up deleting all of my pics in frustration! - oh well, keep snapping!

You images are lovely and sharp and vibrant - how much do you feel the equipment plays a part in the final result? A small percentage I'm guessing?

Darkwing Productions said...

check out 5 points in Long Island City, Queens

Iain said...

Nice shots- what did you think of the 28-300? I've been using the 18-200 on a 7d when I travel for the same reason but sense the 5d iii with the 28-300 is better glass/ image combination? Was it heavy? Thanks again for the images!

Unknown said...

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An-rey said...

I put up a picture of our trip to town (Adelaide)...and then when i studied my beautiful picture of graffiti (and front)
on a side street, it had a [copyright] stamp in the middle of the i thought it safest to take my fabulous pic down!! we copyright our graffiti in Australia!! who knew..