Friday, February 14, 2014

Mens hockey - Canada vs. Norway

Yesterday, after shooting the USA games against Slovakia, I quickly posted my images, wrote a blog and then hightailed it over to the Bolshoy Ice Dome to shoot images of the Canadian hockey team playing against Norway. My main goal was to key in on a couple of the players, who I know from the San Jose Sharks. But, there were so many good photo opportunities, that I just couldn't help myself and ended up shooting all of the second and third periods.

For this game, I shot from the far end of the ice, as opposed to a side position. The lighting in this venue is even better than the Shayba Ice rink, and the plexiglass is a little less scuffed up. I was happy. This was one of the first shots that I took, and I really like the composition, with the Chris Kunitz in perfect focus, the goalie diffused and the puck coming right at us.

Here is a photo of my friend, and neighbor, Patrick Marleau taking a shot on goal.

Another shot from a little farther out.

This is a photo of Marc Edouard Vlasic (otherwise known as "Pickles"), who is also a player for the San Jose Sharks, my home town team.

This shot made me laugh, with the intense look on the Norwegian skater and the replacement teeth on Ryan Getzlaf.

Sidney Crosby, one of the best hockey players in the world.

Another shot from Patrick Marleau.

I like this shot of "Syd the kid", looking right at me. I think he was actually ignoring the puck and posing for me. Thanks Sidney.

When I saw this shot on the back of the camera, I knew that I had a good one. Rick Nash is off his skates, right in focus, and the puck is on his stick,.

This is another shot that made me laugh. It is almost as if the two Norwegians sandwiched the Jamie Benn and then looked at each other, as if saying "that was a good hit huh?"

Patrick Marleau right at the front of the crease, trying to punch that biscuit into the net.

Here is a photo of Jonathan Toews driving the net. I like the outstretched stick and his positional play in this shot.

The next blog post will hopefully be women's ariel ski jumping. I am writing this blog while on the bus heading up to the mountains once again. I am hoping to get some cool photos of this sport, and I am also going to try a new multiple exposure shooting mode on the Canon 1DX. But, without crampons for my shoes (for climbing the snow bank) I will be shooting from the bottom area. Wish me luck. :)


Michel Biedermann said...

Jeff - Your endurance, passion and commitment to make us live the Olympics vicariously through you is amazing. One of a kind. I read every word of your blogs and can’t wait to get my daily fix of behind the scenes look at Sochi. Thank you so much for these highlights of my day.

Anonymous said...

Great blog and pics Jeff. This is an essential part of following the Olympic now. It's as close to being there as I'll get. Many thanks - Bill

Anonymous said...

Great shots Jeff! Permission to share your shot of Crosby and any other Pittsburgh Penguin players you capture.

Unknown said...

I love your photos on this blog, just an FYI, they aren't replacement teeth, the orange bit is part of his mouth guard.