Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sochi: A first look at the Olympic Park (before it opens tomorrow)

Yesterday, I took a walk around the Olympic Park to get a feel for where everything is located and to locate the press entries at each of the venues. And...of course, I took my camera along to take some photos of the impressive venues. As I mentioned in the last blog post, these buildings are almost the exact opposite of our housing. They are pretty incredible. Well, at least from what the public sees, as I saw some unfinished construction, when in the bowels of the buildings.

Here is your virtual tour of the Olympic Park in Sochi.

I started from the Main Press Center. I have posted an image similar to this one, but the last one was taken with an iPhone, and I felt that it needed to be taken with my big-boy camera. :)

They have these women in the press center. I think they are there to talk about the Russian culture, but I am not really sure.

Many people have emailed me about the security here at the Olympics. Honestly, most of us feel that the security is pretty lax. But, this could change tomorrow when the Games officially begin. This is a photo showing how vehicles entering the park are inspected.

This building is located next to the MPC, and I have yet to figure out what this is for. But, many of us are joking in the press center, calling this the gay pride building.

This is the outside of the Adler Arena Skating Center, which is the long track skating venue.

This is the Iceberg Skating Palace where the figure skating competition is held. I will be there tonight shooting my first competition of the Games. Yes, even though opening ceremonies is tomorrow night, there are some competitions happening today and tomorrow.

And here is the the Olympic Flame, which will be lit tomorrow night. I walked by this again today (with clear skies) and you could see the snow covered mountains behind the flame. I will shoot this again when it is lit.

Some of the many volunteers in the park.

I liked their gloves, so I shot something a little different.

They have these giant Olympic Rings in the middle of the park. Everyone is taking turns standing on it and getting their photo taken.

Here is a view of the Fight Olympic Stadium. This amazing and expensive building will only be used two times during the Olympics. For opening and closing ceremonies.

The real goal of my walk was to locate the Bolshoy Ice Dome, which will be my second home for the next couple of weeks. This is the location for all the men's hockey and the gold medal game for the women.

The inside of the building is really picturesque, especially when it has nobody in the venue.

This is how I enter the building. We, like the athletes, enter under the stadium.

And then I checked out the arena and the photo positions. It is a really nice ice rink, and should be full of energy in a week. I can't wait for the first game!

Another view of the Bolshoy rink, from above the press area.

As I was walking around the vacant hallways, I saw this Sochi graphic and it's reflection on the polished floors, and thought it would make a fun shot.

Here is another view of the Fisht Olympic Stadium, and the building to the right is the Shayba Arena, the home of women's hockey. The first USA hockey game is in two days. I was in this venue today shooting the women's team photo and practice. I hope to post a blog of that too, if I have time.

This is the outside view of NBC Studios, which is located just outside the Bolshoy Ice Dome.

And as I walked by, Matt Lauer was 1 minute from a live interview.

The funny thing is...the viewers at home see two people on the screen and have no idea how many people are behind the scenes of this broadcast.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour. More to come!


Sally Snyder said...

Thanks for the tour and hoping the games make the trip worthwhile.Love the gloves.Sally Snyder

Greg Lynch Jr said...

Great Stuff. Are you not photographing the skiing or snowboarding?

Jesse said...

Great stuff, Jeff! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes things. I hope you can get above the ice for some birds eye goal shots.

Taku said...

Yes, I did enjoy this virtual tour! Thanks for taking the time to blog about your pre-Olympic adventures as I read through them every morning-in Canada. You gave a lot of insight into things that the public do not know about nor see on television, which is always interesting to me. All the best for you in the next two weeks and hopefully things will be smoother sailing from here on in. Looking forward to your Olympic blog posts!

NateBoozer said...

Thank you for the tour!

Kerry Frank said...

BEAUTIFUL shots Jeff. It's interesting to see the venues prior to competition and the behind the scenes looks you're providing. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

The Bolshoy Ice Dome looks to be an incredible venue to work. Look forward to seeing some action shots.

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

I hope to cover as many sports as possible. As long as they don't conflict with hockey.

Unknown said...

I feel like I have an inside view on what's going on in the Olympic by reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your pics and views. Keep up the good work, we all will contnue to follow the blog.

Lorna said...

Thank you so much for blogging about your experience Jeff. I am hoping to be at your experience level someday and your tips have been so helpful!

Anonymous said...

These are really great pictures. They all tell a story of where you are. Really good pictures. And are you gonna shoot any snowboarding pictures?