Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Some photos from my last day in Rio de Janeiro - Walking Olympic Boulevard

On my last full day in Rio de Janeiro, I decided to take an Uber over to the Olympic Boulevard. I had heard about this location during the Games, but with the hectic Olympic schedule, did not have time to visit there.

For this excursion, I decided to take only the Canon G5 X camera. After 3 weeks of hauling multiple Canon 1D X Mark II cameras and a bunch of lenses, including the Canon 200-400mm lens, it was really refreshing to throw a camera in my pocket and go.

My walk started out at the Museum of Tomorrow. It is a very cool building, and I liked the Olympica sign out front.

I walked about the entire museum to get some architectural photos. It was fun to play with this little camera, using both the LCD on the back of the camera as well as the eye piece.

I was happy to see a little blue sky popping out behind the building. I stood in this location to shoot this perspective of the building, but also to include the Christ the Redeemer statue far in the background (to the right side of the frame).

Here is a crop of the same image. You can see the statue high on top of the mountain in the background.

This is a straight-on view of the Museum of Tomorrow.

The building reminded me of a dinosaur skeleton.

I walked away from the museum and headed towards the Navy building. I saw this small replica of the Olympic Flame. Since it was after the closing ceremony, the flame was extinguished.

I saw this sculpture of the Rio Olympic logo and wanted a photo of me here. I asked one of the volunteers to take my photo.

Since most of the displays and attractions were either closed or being dismantled, I decided to head off the boulevard and into the city a little. I saw this cool alleyway and took this shot.

I grabbed some lunch, and before heading back to the hotel, I walked over to the to the murals I had heard so much about.

This 3,000 square meter mural was painted with the Brazilian street artist, Eduardo Kobra. It shows indigenous people from five different continents. I knew that I would take some close-up shots of the mural, but saw this train approaching, and thought that it was a good composition, showing both.

I stood back and shot this photo straight-on.

As I walked back, I noticed that this modern building was in the background, peeking out from behind the mural. I really liked the combination of the two subjects in one photo.

I also zoomed the little Canon G5 X to show only Kobra's artwork.

I moved down the boulevard and framed this shot, once again including the mural an office building. (Photographer's tip: I shot these photos to try something different. I know that these murals were photographed countless times during the Olympics, and I wanted to try and capture something different. I saw most people taking selfies in front of the mural or shooting photos of just the wall. As a photographer, I pride myself on going beyond the obvious. Give it a try and you will find some cool photos that are unique to just you.) 

I also zoomed in and grabbed photos of the art itself.

I took photos in portrait and landscape mode (tall and wide).

I took this last shot of the mural to show you all the scale of the artwork. Kobra broke a world record by painting all of this in 2 months. He worked 12 hours a day to complete the project. You can check out the time lapse video here.

After taking photo of the main mural, I walked around the side of the building and even liked the simple paintings on that wall.

This last shot is really different. Can you tell what you are looking at here?

This is a reflection shot. I was walking back along Kobra's mural when a train pulled up next to me. I looked at the reflection in the train window and thought it would be an interesting photo. If you look closely, you can see the the painting and the passengers on the train looking at the mural from inside the windows.

And that my friends, is the last post from this trip to Rio de Janeiro. The funny thing is...my contact at the US Olympic Committee just reminded me that the Winter Olympics in Korea is only 75 weeks away. Yikes!!!


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Christopher Cox said...

Thanks for sharing so many images from Rio. I am grateful for this window into the Olympic experience.

Anonymous said...

Great shots... thanks for explaining your reasons behind your photographs

Jennifer C. said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the Olympics from your prospective. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for those of us who would otherwise only see what is shown on TV.

RENT TO OWN said...

Thank you so much for sharing not only your photos but your insight of how and why the photos were taken. It is such a pleasure to have someone of your caliber and knowledge to share so graciously while doing the job. Thank you!


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