Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's not just the sports that I photograph at the Olympics

Since I am shooting for USA Hockey as my primary team at these Olympics, I am called upon to photograph numerous different events throughout the Games. Most of those are the actual games, but there are other events which need to be covered as well. As you saw in an earlier blog post, I shot the women's team photo yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon I was called upon to photograph the women's press conference.

I started by shooting some wide shots with the Canon 1D X MKII and then Canon 70-200mm lens.

I then switched to the Canon 100-400mm lens to isolate photos of each person on the stage.

It is important for me to get photos of everyone, including the manager of the team and the coach.

I usually try to give the team a variety of photos, with individuals, pairs, larger groups, and from different angles.

I was sitting in the second row right behind all the other hockey players (since only a select few are ever asked to be on stage) and decided to sneak out from where I was sitting. I wanted to move to the front of the room to get a shot of all of them. First I shot a little wider...

...and then I zoomed in a bit, focused on one athlete and took this shot. Same grouping but I slightly different look for the team.

As the press conference was winding down and there were no more questions from the reporters, it was time for the team to spread out around the room for individual interviews. But before they did this, it was my opportunity to get them all up on stage for another team photo, this time in front of the PyeongChang logo.

After shooting the big group shot, I quickly moved upstairs at the MPC to the photo workroom and edited the photos for the team's communications manager. I then wrote this and another blog before heading over to a photographer's welcome party. I got back to my room at 10:30pm and was very ready for some sleep. It was a good day of photography and the Games haven't even started yet. The real action is yet to come!

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Unknown said...

Jeff - thanks so much for taking the time to write these blogs where we can really get a sense of the action and how you work. I'm a semi-pro photographer so reading this has me wishing I was there! I've followed your journey in the last 3 Oly's now! It's the thrill and excitement of the entire experience, being in the moment and getting awesome photos! Looking forward to each blog post and photos!! Keep up the great work!
=Mike (Kalamazoo, MI)

Bill Gommel said...

I have a few blogs I check into on a daily basis...your's is one of them. I enjoy your Olympics posts and your other photography as I'm a wedding/Bar Mitzvah/portrait photographer and not a sports photographer. I especially am interested in the settings you share aw well as the photos.

For the press conference and the on ice team photo, did you use flash?

Stay warm!

Bill Gommel

Huub Keulers said...

Dear Jeff, I love your blog articles very much. I want to thank you for taking the time to put energy in your blog. It gives us poor soul photographers who had to stay home a nice view how things work at an event like the Olympics. Looking at the candy store that CPS installed at the Olympics makes me want to fly over ;-)
Wishing you the best time in Korea, lots of inspiration and the most amazing photos.
Looking forward looking at them.
My one time dream: photographing the Olympics.
Have a great time there and stay healthy.

Kind regards,
Huub Keulers (Netherlands)
Sports- and portrait photography