Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tomorrow I am LIVE on Scott Kelby's "The Grid" at 4pm EST

Well folks, after more than 5 years of people asking me when I will be on Scott Kelby's "The Grid" show, it is finally happening. I will be live on the show tomorrow.

I was talking to Scott right after I returned from PyeongChang and we found a way for me to get on the show. I had another trip that was postponed, so I was able to fit this into my schedule. And here I am on a plane and heading to Tampa, FL to join Scott in the studio for his webcast.

I have always admired Scott and the way that he teaches photography and Photoshop, and I am honored to finally be joining him for this show.

Join in tomorrow to watch the show and ask any questions you might have!

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Doc Martin said...

Well, I am a KelbyOne member so I can't watch it live, I will definitely watch it when it gets archived.


Unknown said...

Living in Alaska, I couldn't see the show live given the time difference and work schedule. However, it was a great show! All during the Olympics, I wanted to ask you about your focus settings and practices. Since Scott Kelby asked that question, too, you stated you use focus case 2 (tennis player) with the AF point expansion (9 point grid) on your back button. Do you have your * button set up for focus, too? I was thinking of setting that button to AI focus-Automatic AF with an initial focus point that will move with the subject. What else do you do to set up your camera for catching the action? Is your 5D MKIV set up differently? Thanks!