Friday, June 22, 2018

Namibia Photo Tour - Seals, Penguins, Flamingos and more

Yesterday was a fun day of shooting the ghost town in Kolmanskop in the at sunrise. Later in the morning, we chartered a catamaran to take us out to Halifax island to see the local penguins. I had no idea that they had penguins in Namibia, but was excited to see them in the wild for the first time.

As we made our way out to the island, we past a large rock with a bunch of seals in it. I have seen and photographed plenty of seals, but it was fun to get a shot of them with a lighthouse in the background.

About 30 minutes after we left the port in Lüderitz, we arrived at the island. We had to shoot from the boat as nobody is allowed on the island, but they got fairly close for us. I was shooting with my Canon 1D X MK II, Canon 100-400mm lens and also using the Canon 1.4x teleconverter.

There are 6000 penguins on the island, but we only saw a small portion of them.

We even had some penguins swim out to greet us.

 We also saw other birds on the boat trip.

We returned from the boat trip and had a nice lunch at the hotel, After that, some of us decided to go out shooting once again. We drive around the bay for a while and came across some flamingos.

We were trying to get close to the flock, when they started moving away from us. But just before they moved, they all lifted their wings in succession. That was fun!

I even caught some action shots of the flamingos walking on the water...

...and flying along the shoreline.

After photographing the birds, we drove around a little longer, exploring the area. I was on an outcropping of rocks which gave me a good vantage point of the crashing waves. I waited for them to crest and took some action shots of the water.

Today we made the long drive to Sossus Vlei, the home of the giaat sand dunes. We arrived about an hour before sunset and went straight to shooting the dunes. Those images are coming soon, and they show how really amazing this place is.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing , so glad you are have a great time and even seeing things you haven seen before . It’s absolutly unreal how beautiful these photos have been . Thank you for sharing the trip through your lens 😊📸😊
Jenn C