Monday, October 8, 2018

Costa Rica Photo Tour - A full day of macro photography

You can't go to the rain forest of Costa Rica without a macro lens. There are so many cool small things to photograph there. On Aug 16th, I took our group to one of my favorite places to photograph the tree frogs and snakes in the area.

We started with the red-eyed tree frogs and everyone had so much fun capturing images of these beautiful little creatures. I would set my Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 100mm macro lens on my tripod, determine best camera settings for everyone, and then they would take turns getting their photos, using my suggestions and experimenting on their own.

This frog is about half the size of the red-eyed tree frog (about 1/4 inch in length), and very difficult to photograph.

This lizard was about two feet long and much easier for us to photograph. I suggested that everyone move to this location, to photograph the lizard with a solid background behind our subject.

When it came time to photograph snakes, we all stood a little farther away and switched to our longer lenses (many of which were loaned at no cost by Canon Professional Services!)

Even the snakes in Costa Rica are colorful.

At this point I was using my Canon 1D X Mark II with the Canon 100-400mm lens (the same lens that most of the group was using).

This Eyelash viper was the coolest of them all. Look at those amazing markings!

We had lunch at the top of the mountain, and after taking more macro shots, we headed back towards the resort. As we were heading down the mountain side, I saw this scene and asked Dennis (our trusty guide) to stop for a group photo. Being an experienced photographer himself, I asked him to take the group shot for me. Thanks Dennis for taking this photo of our happy group!

Stay tuned for more Costa Rica shots. And if you are interested in going on the 2019 trip (only time for one next year), please contact me. We have 4 spots left.

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