Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Amazing Birds of Tanzania

When we talk about the wildlife in Africa, most people do not think about birds, but trust me, they have some amazing birds on this continent. Having spent another month in Tanzania, I thought I would share a variety of my favorite bird photos with you all.

Here are two Ring-Necked doves hanging out on a branch together.

I have been to Tanzania numerous times and, up until this last trip, had never seen the Red-and-yellow barbet. They are awesome looking birds.

We saw this group of barbets on a termite mound, having a snack.

(Almost all of the photos in this blog post were taken with the Canon 1D X Mark II and Canon 200-400mm lens.)

It is not uncommon to see Ostriches running around in Tanzania. They are really large and very fast!

Look! A two-headed ostrich!

For the first time, we got to see baby ostriches.

You just know that I had to try motion panning them as they ran.

This is the Lilac Breasted Roller, one of my favorite birds of all times.

Look at those colors!

This roller was soaking up the last of the sunlight at the end of the day (hence the really golden light on the bird and the wood).

There are birds of prey in Tanzania, and although they are not colorful, they sure are majestic.

Right as I was taking images of this bird, it moved away from the water and opened its wings.

This Secretary bird was taking a stroll on the Serengeti.

This is a Southern Ground Hornbill on top of a termite mound.

Vultures are everywhere in the country, and easy to spot as they feed on discarded carcasses.

Here is a vulture coming in for a landing.

It was the end of the day and we were heading back to our camp, when our driver spotted this owl in a nearby tree. We had perfect evening light on the bird.

This dove was hanging out amongst the acacia thorns.

Here are two Grey Crowned Cranes criss-crossing each other while eating.

As we drove around on safari, we were searching for a Hornbill with perfect sunlight on its bill, to accentuate the bright orange color.

This is a Blue-Brested Bee-Eater. Try saying that three times fast!

This guy was about to have a frog for lunch.

This is a Secretary Bird, which typically hunts for its prey on foot.

Another favorite bird of mine is the Superb Starling.

They have unbelievable colors and can be found all over the region.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the many birds from Tanzania. For someone who never thought of himself as a "birder", I am sure becoming one after my many trips around the world.

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