Sunday, August 29, 2021

More photos from our safari in Tanzania: Elephant, lion, leopard and more

I am now sitting at a beautiful lodge right next to the Mara River in Kenya, as we transition from the first photo tour (in Tanzania) to the second photo tour (in Botswana). We are still going out for safari with the guests who are joining us for both trips, but also taking it easier and getting caught up (since the Internet here is decent).

This gives me a chance to push out another blog to all of you.

This first image is one of my favorites from the Tarangire Park. I saw this herd of elephants with ages varying from the very young to the more mature adults, and decided to take a wide shot to include the mountain in the background. I love the pretty scene, but especially the smallest elephant in the middle of the pack, who is in mid stride.

I used that same mountain as a backdrop for this bird which happened to fly by as I was photographing the elephants. I absolutely love the subject tracking ability of the Canon R5 to lock in on fast moving objects and get them in perfect focus.

One of the signature symbols of the Taragire Park is the Boabab tree which is unique to this area. 

From Tarangire, we flew a small plane up to the Northern part of the Serengeti to a totally different terrain. Our first cat sighting was this leopard and her cubs. They are so beautiful!

At one point, the mother leopard left her one cub at the top of rock. Look at those eyes!

Not far from our tent lodge, we found this large male lion...

...and even better, this female lion and her four cubs. At first we had two of the cubs with mom, and then were treated to all four.

I love having all the cubs in this photo, but more importantly the interaction between the mother and cub.

The cubs came down off the rock and were coming towards our vehicle. It was the perfect time for a photo. I used the Canon RF100-500mm lens to focus on the first cub and let the others go slightly out of focus in the background.

The mother lion came right after the cubs. I love the way that both the adult and cub are in the same position of their stride in this photo.

This youngster was in the middle of a yawn when I caught this photo. By the way, 99 percent of the time, when you see a photo like this, it is a yawn and not a lion being mad. Whenever a cat yawns, I always remind our guests to burst off frames. Even though it was just a yawn, I liked the way that this little cub looks like he is trying to be a future king of the jungle in this shot.

Later that same day, we had a large herd of elephant cruise right next to our vehicles. I waited for the youngest elephant to show through in the middle of the pack and get this shot.

A short time later we saw this really tiny elephant following it's mother close behind. How cute is this?

We all took many photos of this young elephant. If I had been shooting video, you would hear all of us in the vehicle saying "ahhhh...that is so cute!"

I have many more images to share with you, when time and internet access permits. Next up will be photos from the Great Migration.


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