Sunday, December 20, 2009

More hockey? This Time It Was Connor's Team

Connor asked me to shoot his hockey game this weekend and, as a good father, I did this for him. It was also a good chance to try the Canon 1D Mark IV one more time before sending it back to Canon :(

The lighting in this roller rink is really bad and I had to crank the ISO of the camera to 4000. Yep - that is 4000, not 400! It was really the only way to capture the images in focus. I did use NIK Dfine (software for removing digital noise), but even so, the images were very usable.

For those photographers out there, you will notice that the white balance is different in almost every shot. This is partially due to the editing, but mostly due to the really weird lighting at this rink. The lighting will be much better than this in Vancouver, but it is still a very good test of shooting in a brutal environment.


Anonymous said...

Great shots
you were using 4000 iso
what aperture and speed
were these originally Raws or jpegs
sorry about all the questions -but thats the only way to improve

(I've been saving for this camera since I got my 1D mark 2 (4years +)

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

I was generally shooting wide open (variable aperture on the Canon 100-400 lens). They were all shot in RAW and corrected in post.

Anonymous said...

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