Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahhh - The Good Old Days

About an hour South of Mammoth Lakes, CA is a small town called Bishop. Within this town they have a very cool area where they have maintained old buildings, trains, tractors... I went out there with my photo mentor and friend, Moose Peterson. We both brought along our son's to capture their images along side us.

This shot was taken inside of an old store. There was a ton of old stuff in this building, but I like this shot because of the colors of the containers. There was glass in front of all of the displays, so I had to get my lens right up the glass in order to avoid glare.

Like the store, the printing building had a ton of different old printing presses and old typewriters. Shooting at f4 allowed me to key in on the old typewriter while still showing all of the lettering drawers in the background.

They had some old coaches, but I was drawn more to the old wheels which were up against the wall of the carriage house. I liked the intersecting circles and the different colored parts against the stone wall.

A view from outside which shows some of the old mechanical parts in the foreground and the snow covered mountains in the back. This shot gives more of a sense of place.

For many reasons, this is one of my favorite shots from the town. I like the old car and the old gas pump, but I also like buildings in the background and the cloud formations in the sky. As I learned years ago, most good pictures have an interesting foreground (car), mid-ground (buildings) and background (sky). This image was created using HDR (High Dynamic Range) which combined 5 different exposures to get the final image.

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