Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just messing around in a museum in Santa Cruz, CA

We made a quick trip (and I mean REALLY quick trip, we are talking about 30 minutes here) to Santa Cruz on Sunday. We were nearby and decided to stop by and the see the model train setup at a local museum. The model train was disappointing to the kids (and us) but we had fun checking out the rest of the museum and grabbing some shots along the way.

This is a picture of my wife's cousin's daughter (whatever that makes her). There was a rather interesting display of hanging "banners" from the ceiling. I had her walk into the middle of the display and shot this image. My goal was to show the artwork but also draw attention to her very cute eyes.

I shot this hanging over the edge of the staircase. I was trying to get a shot of some other hanging sculpture, and this little girl happened to walk into the perfect spot and peer up at the right time. This would have been a throw-away shot if it wasn't for the little girl looking up in wonder. (I also like her shadow which helps to fill the emptiness of the floor.)

This is my son Connor and my two nephews (Philip and Sean). I really liked the blue wall behind them, so I went down to a different level and shot back up at them. I took some images of them looking directly at me, but liked this one better. If they only had a band, this could be there CD cover image. :)

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