Friday, January 22, 2010

San Francisco - A different view (again)

Let's face it, I grew up in San Francisco and have spent a lot of time driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. One might think that this drive becomes old or mundane, but actually on almost every trip across the 1.7 mile span, I almost always think about the fact that this bridge helps to define the city and is a major tourist attraction. What really makes the bridge and it's surroundings interesting, is that every trip has a different view. Sometimes the bridge is fully visible, other times it is totally blanketed by the fog...rarely is it ever perfectly clear. As a photographer, I love the variety of images that this provides.

On this particular visit to the Marin Headlands, I was with a large group of photographers, many of who had never been to this vista. I was happy to be shooting (since a bad day shooting images is still better than a good day at the office), but had shot images here enough times that I needed to find a new perspective, as much to keep me interested as capturing something for the portfolio. So, this time, I decided to zoom in tighter and just show a hint of the bridge while focusing in on the city.

I walked to different vantage points, finding spots where the wires of the bridge would help frame the Transamerica building. Could I have shot an image showing the city in the background with more of the bridge in the foreground? Sure. But I think that this shows enough of the span to get the point across and make people think a little more.

As we waited for the sun to set, most everyone had their cameras and tripods facing East, watching the last bits of sunlight reflecting off of the bridge, but I was waiting to get this shot. A silhouette of all of them lined up for the "big shot".

And this shot looking towards the West, as the sun sets amongst the incoming fog.

And even though I was looking for more unique shots, I still grabbed some images from the "typical" view of the bridge. I really liked the blanket of fog resting just above the skyline of San Francisco. (15 second exposure, ISO 100, Aperture 4.5, 35mm)


Rohan's Photography Blog said...

Love how you explain your thought process and settings of your a guy who has a majority of his inspiration in photography from you Jeff I love seeing your new posts....a lesson in every blog :)

Hope to see you in Oz again soon!!


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Toni said...

Love the different perspectives offered on something that has so many times been photographed much the "same old tiring" way. Really loved the silhouettes shots and the framing of TA.

Unknown said...

I wish I could tell which silhouette was me among those photographers. Nice work.