Friday, January 15, 2010

San Francisco Fire Department - Firehouse #34

Earlier this week I had a chance to shoot images with my good friends, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally and Laurie Excell. All great photographers and really good people! We made a trip to Firehouse #34, which is right by the Cliff House area of San Francisco. This station is unique in that they have a rig specifically for water rescues. And growing up in the city, I would always hear about people getting swept to sea from the cliffs. They do keep busy!

We wanted to capture images that showed the uniqueness of this firehouse, so we had them position this truck in the station with much of the gear showing. Trish is a firefighter who works this particular rig and we had a great time capturing images of her in front of her rescue tools.

And this is a picture of the Captain of the station. I positioned him to the side of the firetruck so that I had good colors behind him. As you can tell, I used the rotating emergency lights from the truck to give me interesting lighting behind him. The trick in this image was shooting at the right time, so that the lights were part of the background and not pointing right at the lens of my camera (which caused lens flare).

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