Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pictures from the John Legend Concert (with a special appearance by Stevie Wonder)

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. I was not feeling great, so I basically took it easy when I was not doing my work at the show. But on my last night there, I was offered a ticket to Monster Cable's concert, featuring John Legend and I took advantage of that offer. I grabbed my camera (since it was a private party with no camera restrictions) and headed off to the Paris Hotel.

All of my best lenses were at home in CA and I only had my Tamron 28-300 variable aperture lens for this trip. I pushed the ISO of the Canon 5D Mark II to ISO3200, but I also knew that for good shots I would have to get in close. Plus, I was not content shooting images from the back of the room. So I worked my way past the three levels of security and found myself a couple of feet from the stage. While I was there, I took full advantage of the position and fired off a bunch of shots.

I really had fun keying in on John Legend while taking advantage of the stage lighting in the background.

I like this shot because it shows the throng of photographers at the front of the stage (before they kicked us all out of the area). And then I started moving around, to get some different perspectives.

I stood in the back of the room (on a raised platform) and shot this image. I wanted to get a wide shot showing the full band and some of the crowd. Even though the close-up shots are really cool, this image helps show the whole environment.

And then...when we thought it was all over, they announced a guest appearance by Stevie Wonder. At that point, I was at the back of the room, but this was too great an opportunity to pass up, so I had to make yet another trip past security to get this shot!

And then, about an hour and a half later, the show was over and I headed back to my room to download and see what I had captured.

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