Friday, May 21, 2010

A Night in Newburyport, MA

Business travel can be a weird thing. I travel all over the place, but sometimes never get out to see any of the area. Honestly, I really hate the "tease" of being somewhere new and seeing so little. My trip to Massachusetts this week was like this. I flew into Boston, hopped in a rental car, drove an hour away from Boston, and basically spent the bulk of the time in a meeting room. I was in the small town of Newburyport for 3 nights (really two if you don't count the midnight arrival). On my last night there, we went out for a really nice dinner and some drinks, and upon my return to the hotel (more like an old Inn) I decided that, since the rain had stopped, I needed to get some shots before leaving the next morning. So at I went, walking around the town, with my camera and tripod.

This is one of the many churches in town. I took 4 or 5 shots from this perspective because I liked the row of lights leading the viewer's eyes down the street. In this particular shot, I waited for one of the few cars still out at this time to drive by and give me some color on the street.

The marina was so quiet and still. The only sound that I could hear was each car passing over the metal bridge. It made an interesting metallic sound, one that I would surely have not noticed during the day.

This street looked really great at night. I really liked the curve of the road and the lighting.

More use of the old lights on the streets. Since it had rained all day, this gave me a chance to capture some of the nice reflections off of the brick surface.

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Scott Frisby said...

Hi Jeff,

Great shots! My favorites are the one of the Church and the last one with the street lights in a row.

Wonderful work!!