Monday, May 17, 2010

The tough part of the job: Photographing a bikini model in San Diego

As part of the video project that we were working on last week, I was tasked with photographing a model on the beach in San Diego. I know, I know...but hey, someone has to do it! The following shots were all taken while the video crew was taping me doing my job.

Nicole was a real trooper too, since the sun had left us by 3pm and we started the shoot at 5:30pm. All of us were cold, but we were not standing around in a bathing suit. In between each segment she would cover up with a jacket and towel to try and stay warm.

On this shot, I actually went into NIK Software's Viveza plug-in and brought up the blue in the sky.

We not only had to deal with the overcast skies (with no sunlight), but we also dealt with a tide that was coming in quickly. We were told by someone earlier that afternoon that the tide would be going out by 5pm, but that was not the case. Twice, we came really close to losing thousands of dollars of equipment when a big wave would crash in and flood our little area of sand where we were shooting.

Yep, it was a challenge, but I would do this again any time. :)


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