Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More photos from Yosemite

The Moonbow picture (from the previous blog entry) made it onto the evening news tonight. That was fun to see. are some more pictures from my trip to Yosemite.

I took this picture of Half Dome from the ever popular Tunnel View vista. I used my 400mm lens to isolate this amazing formation. The pink color is from the sun which is about 5 minutes from setting to the West.

This is an HDR shot from the same vantage point.

I took this shot the following morning because I really liked the morning light coming off of the stem of the flower.

I was teaching one of the Canon students how to shoot macro shots and came across this really pretty blossom. There is something about the simplicity of the image and the curve of the stem that made me pick this particular flower. Believe it or not, I use my Canon 100-400 lens to shoot this. How did I get a macro shot out of that lens? I used the Canon 500D macro filter which converts this long telephoto lens into a macro. So cool!

After teaching students in the Yosemite Valley, we decided to take a drive out to Hetch Hetchy Dam to check it out. Along the way, we came across some great wildlife. This raven landed right by me and basically refused to leave. I kept getting closer and closer to him and he would stare me down as if it were a challenge.

I thought that this little "guy" was in a great position to be photographed (right on the edge of the water). When I got home and started editing the images, I noticed that this little critter was not a guy at all. The detail of the 21MP image let me see all the details, including the fact that she must be feeding little ones.

Curled up on the dam itself was this little snake. Again, using the 100-400 lens with the Canon 500D macro filter, I was able to get in nice and close to this guy. Cool red tongue, huh?

And to my amazement, right in the middle of the day, we came across this big black bear who was out eating in a field (probably around 3pm).

This last shot was taken at 6am. We woke up hoping for some great sunrise shots, but the clouds all but obscured the sun. So, I took 5 shots (all one stop apart) of the "Three Brothers" and created this HDR shot of the sky and reflection.

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