Sunday, June 13, 2010

Same location - totally different light!

When I was in San Diego scouting locations for a video shoot, I just so happened to be 5 minutes away from my nephew's workout spot. He is an amazing athlete who just might be in the Olympics someday. We rigged him up with a HD waterproof video camera (strapped to chest in the image) and sent him back out for his daily practice.

It was late in the day and with the sun to my right, I figured that the only good shots of him would be to my left, facing away from the sun. So I shot the following couple of images when the opportunity arose.

And then...when I was shielding my eyes and trying to look to see if he was coming back towards me, I saw another interesting shot. I knew that this would look totally different from the other pictures, but I also figured that it could be interesting with the silhouettes. So...I fired off some shots and came up with the image below.

We don't get to see his face in this shot, but the feel is totally different in this photo. This was my favorite image of the day. Taken within minutes of each other - but using the sunlight in a totally different way. This is why it is always a good idea to look in all directions when shooting pictures. You just never know what you are going to capture. And, of course, with high capacity Lexar memory cards in my camera, why not take some risks and see what comes up?

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