Thursday, March 10, 2011

Having fun shooting some portrait shots

A while back, I was talking with my wife and mentioned to her that I wanted to try my new beauty dish (a great attachment to my studio lights). She said "I know who we need to call", and immediately called friends of ours who have two great looking red head girls.

They came over for an hour and we had some fun together. How about that expression on the younger sister's face?

The little one had a TON of energy and was not easy to pin down for more than 5 seconds, so I decided to start with some images of their older daughter.
My goal was to shoot all of the images with only one light, although soon after starting, I did break out a reflector to add a little extra light to the darker side of their faces.

My wife had the good idea to give her an old telephone (from the house I grew up in) to play with. It is always funny to see kids reactions to the dial telephone. So old school! :)
Hello? Anyone there?

 And then...back to being her goofy self.
We also went outside to take some shots in our backyard. Even though the goal was to shoot indoor studio shots, I still prefer natural light shots. Funny that almost every shot was taken in the indoor studio but my favorite of the day was this one.

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