Thursday, March 3, 2011

More fun on the train tracks (Others wanted to get in on the act)

The last blog post had pictures of my son on the nearby train tracks. daughter saw those images and said "I want some pictures there too", so off we went to take some more photos. This time I was joined, not only by Ali, but her best friend, Danielle, and my wife and our dog.

I wanted to take some pictures of Ali on the train tracks, but also wanted to try something different from the shots of Connor. This time I went down the embankment and shot images of the girls from the side of the tracks.

For all of these photos, I used the new Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens ( This lens really rocks! Shooting wide open at f1.4, I was able to focus on the girl's faces and heavily diffuse the background.

This shot really shows the depth of field of the Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens. Only the very front of the railroad spike is in focus, and everything else is soft. Love that!

Best friends. Enough said. :)


I even got my wife, Annette, to let me take a couple of shots of her. I took these shots in the last remaining light of the day. You can see the golden sunlight bouncing off of the tracks behind her.  

You what they say...marriage is a balancing act. Isn't that the truth!

For the parting shot of this blog entry, I had to save this image as my grand finale. This shot just cracked me up. This is our dog, Bailey, laying down on the train tracks. I love the look on his face. I can not decide if he looks bored or depressed. The caption could say "Come on Jeff! Enough shooting... let's get moving!" or it could say "I am really depressed...when does the train come?".

Oh - and happy birthday Ali!


Anonymous said...

I was searching for some ideas of using railroad tracks in some senior pix of my daughter, I came across your blog. Love the picture of your dog, cute! and I like the picture of your wife walking on the tracks best, it's so natural and laid back!

Anonymous said...

Please spread the word. Tragedy struck our community when three girls were taking pictures on the train tracks. Please seek out deserted tracks or little used tracks.

Jessica Mounts said...

Your photos are really nice, but taking photos on train tracks is illegal and dangerous.

Train PNR Status said...

lovely clicks