Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Safari in Tanzania - about as opposite of the Olympic experience as possible

A couple of weeks ago I was writing blogs from Tokyo and now I am sitting here surrounded by the plains of the Northern Serengeti. It was a really quick turnaround at home, with me never really getting time adjusted before heading off again, But I am not complaining, as I love it here in Tanzania, and we had a bunch of guests for our photo tour who were ready to see something other than the walls of their homes.

The good news is, this is a more relaxing pace than the Olympics. But like the Olympics, the days are really long here. There are some many amazing things to see, that we are typically on safari for ten to twelve hours a day.

With that...let's get to some photos!

The first part of this photo tour started in the Tarangire Park, which is widely known for the large amount of elephants. But there are plenty of other animals there too. One of our first sightings were these zebra at one of the local watering holes.

I saw this ox pecker on the back of a zebra and suggested to our guests that they isolate that in a photo. Oh, I should mention that on this trip I am using two Canon R5 cameras and both the Canon RF100-500mm lens and a Canon 24-105mm lens.

I was tracking this bird in flight and got lucky enough to catch the bird right as it flew by a giraffe.

Here is a group shot of our photo tour attendees (for this portion of the trip). As you can see, we are not hurting for camera gear. Thanks so much to Canon Professional Services for loaning a bunch of gear to the group!

When people think of the wildlife in Africa, they usually think of the big animals. But all living things here will amaze you. Look at the colors in this lilac-breasted roller. Amazing!

As I mentioned, Taragire Park has a lot of elephants. We saw these two loving each other and had to capture that in our cameras. 

It is so awesome to see large family groups, with youngsters of varying ages.

The size and power of the elephant is something everyone should see and experience in person. 

Our first lion sighting was early in the morning. This female was surrounded by flies (which you can see in the photo if you look closely).

She walked straight toward our vehicle, so I got down as low as I could to get this straight-on shot. I wanted to show our guests how getting low could bring us more into the lion's world.

We also got to see a couple of her cubs. This was one of my favorite cub images at the time. Since I took this, we have seen many more. I will blog those later.

On our third morning in Tanzania, we found some cheetah hanging out near our lodge. I just love these animals! This youngster was yawning, and we all fired off photos.

On our fourth day, we all woke up early to pack up and move to our next lodge. I happened to look outside my tent and saw this beautiful sunrise. It was a great start to the day.

I have so many more images to share with you all. I just need the time to write and an Internet connection strong enough to post the blog. Both are scarce over here!


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Alisa Conn said...

This would be a trip of a lifetime. Great pictures. Wish I were there

Tony Guerry said...

Awesome photos Jeff. Would love to go on a trip like this.
When ya'll shoot photos of the animals, are you in a protected vehicle?
And on average, how far away are the animals to you?

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

Tony - the vehicles are protected, but many times we are in an open vehicle. It is always safe, and I have NEVER felt threatened at any time. The guides are amazing, and are very knowledgable about the wildlife. Today we had a large male lion cruise along side our vehicle. I got a cool iPhone video of that. But again, it is all very safe. The animals are accustomed to the vehicles and not interested in us.

Ralph Hightower said...

Canon Professional Services probably doesn't provide FD mount lenses for my F-1N or A-1. I do have a 5D III.