Sunday, October 11, 2009

An American Indian Wedding

Another first for me - this time a chance to photograph a wedding of two native American Indians at City Beach in Fremont. The wedding itself was fairly traditional with some really unique twists.

I met Crystal and Marcos earlier in the year and was excited to share this day with them. I photographed their engagement pictures in their native costumes (featured in an earlier blog), but remembered them telling me that they were going to wear traditional outfits for the wedding. I was very excited yesterday when I showed up and saw the native American themes incorporated in the men's tuxedos. I love the added colors!

The kids were too darned cute! I just can't help but shoot a lot of pictures of the kids. One of these days I am going to have to make a book of all my favorite kid shots.

During the reception, the family brought out a traditional tribal drum and their relatives played and chanted some amazing songs. During this time, all of the guests could come and greet the bride and groom.

Towards the end of the evening, I noticed that Crystal and Marcos' champagne glasses had the American Indian motif. I used the Canon 85mm 1.2 lens to grab this shot even though the lighting was very low.Captured light in the evening, I took the bride and groom back outside and captured this shot. I knew that the venue had these hanging lights, and I have been thinking about this shot for the last 6 months. I dragged the shutter (at an ISO of 2500) on the Canon 5D Mark II and hand held this. Even with the low light, I was able to capture this at 1/250 using the 85mm 1.2 lens wide open. This lens make the impossible possible!


Rose said...

Hi Jeff,
just wanted to let you know the photographs you took came out beautiful i was there at the wedding and the most part i like about you taking the photo's was you included EVERYONE which was nice and you put it together so fast and we all got to see it before we left the wedding,so i will think of you the next time i need a great photgrapher,and the photo's you took of my grandson i enjoyed so much,thanks and thank you for being a great person.Rose.

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

Thanks for the feedback Rose. You made my day! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your family.