Friday, October 30, 2009

Portraits in New York

On my previous visit to NY about a month ago, I met up with Danielle, my cousin's daughter who lives in the city. She brought along her boyfriend, Scott. We were talking about photography and he told me that he wanted to do some modeling. So...a month later, on my next trip to the East coast, we went out to shoot some images in the meet packing district in Manhattan.

The cool thing about the meet packing district is that there is such a variety of scenery in which to shoot. The first shot was taken next to an office building. We really liked the reflection off of the wall. And then we took a walk (after being held up by the President's motorcade) and came across these tables and chairs that were bathed in in direct sunlight from an opening in above. I like the way that the hair light draws the attention to Scott's face.

This last shot is my favorite. Why? Because I like the harsh contrast of the shadows and highlights. For this image, I put the camera into manual mode and spot metered off of the brightest spot on his face. I also underexposed the image by half a stop to accentuate the shadows. All of these images were shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105 L Series lens and Lexar 16GB 600 Compact Flash card.

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