Monday, October 19, 2009

Two more firsts (Shooting at "The Opera House" AND posting this from 38,000 feet)

First of all - I need to tell you all that this is the first time that I have experienced WiFi while flying across the country. I am heading to NY on United Airlines right now and loving the fact that I can access the Internet and update my blog at 38,000 feet. Way too cool!

Now...back to this weekend. I was lucky to be part of another great Bar Mitzvah. Jeremy did a great job throughout the service and showed that he is one cool guy, impressing his parents and everyone else who was there.

This is a fun shot of Jeremy, his sister and cousins. What do you do when one of the cousins complains that she is always feeling short, you have her climb up on the ledge and tower above the others. :)
The party was at "The Opera House" in Los Gatos, CA. There were two things which made it special for me to photograph here, they have a second floor balcony that runs the perimeter of the room so that I could shoot overhead shots. And, the family decorated the place with tons of balloons which made for some cool shots looking up.

I always like trying something new and different when I shoot the reception. This time, I set the flash on rear curtain mode and dragged the shutter to get some cool motion shots of Jeremy. I like the way that the colored lights highlight him in action.

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