Friday, July 30, 2021

The women of USA Water Polo: Solid win and new Olympic record for Maggie Steffens!

Yesterday afternoon I photographed another match for the women of USA Water Polo and it was a good one. It was the last game of the group play, and not only did they beat the Russian team (ROC), but there was also an Olympic record set!

The US had a total of 18 goals...

...and Ashleigh Johnson held the Russian team to 5 goals.

At the beginning of each quarter there is a sprint to the ball, which is placed in the center of the pool. I prefocus the camera on the ball (especially when the logo is facing me) and wait for the swimmers to come into frame and I shoot a burst of photos.

The job of a photographer is to tell the story in photos. For the second game in a row, coach Krikorian was not happy with the officiating. I saw him bantering with the ref and I think this photo tells the story perfectly.

This photo captures an AMAZING stop by Ashleigh. Look how high she comes out of the water!

Maddie Musselman takes a shot...

...and scores!

Another shot and another stop.

This is one of my favorite photos from the game. I love how Ashley is rising in the back, while there is a full on battle happening in front of her. My focus point was on the goalie, so everyone in front of her is soft and Ashleigh's eyes are tack sharp.

Oh...I mentioned that there was an Olympic record broken during this game. Maggie Steffens set the all time record for most goals scored by a women water polo player at the Olympics with a total of 49 goals. Here is a photo of her scoring on the Russian net minder. And she is not done yet!

Here is Maggie walking from the pool to the media interview area.

As the women walked by me, they all stopped for some fun photos. 

It is fun to be their team photographer.

Maggie stopped to be interviewed by NBC and I stood back and took some photos of her being interviewed. 

Then I asked her if she could move to a better position and give me two thumbs up. I had set up this shot while she was being interviewed. I set the camera to f/10 so that she would be in focus and the rings in the background would be softer, but still clearly visible. Congratulations to the team for a win and to Maggie for setting the record!


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