Saturday, July 31, 2021

USA men vs Hungary in Water Polo: Another loss for Team USA

I photographed a lot today, starting with a tiny bit of indoor volleyball, then BMX freestyle (which I am still retouching images from), the water polo game for the men of Team USA, and a press conference with Katie Ledecky.

While I am working on the images from the BMX competition, I thought I would share these images from this afternoons game against Hungary.

Today I decided to shoot three periods facing the offense attack of the US and one period facing the defense. This way I had more front-on shots of our guys for the team to use.

Since I have photographed a lot of games for the team, I am looking for different images to deliver to them. This one was one of those.

The Hungarian player took a big shot on net... 

...and this was a great block on that shot.

Some reaction from the team when they scored a goal to tie the game.

Alex Wolf had a good game, with a lot of blocks. But the offense just could not find the back of the net, and the team lost their second game of these Olympics.

Max coming high out of the water again for a big shot.

At the beginning of the third quarter, I saw the ball in the middle of the pool with the logo facing me. I thought that it might be fun to slow the shutter speed down from 1/1000 sec to 1/60 sec to see if I get some cool splash effects, and I did.

I love this shot of Luca Cupido in action! This is where shooting at a really fast shutter speed (1/2000 sec) helps to freeze not only my subject, but also the water coming off the ball. They took a lot of shots, but their scoring ratio was just not there. Hopefully they will do better in the next game.

Tomorrow, the women have a day off, so I am free to roam. I am hoping to photograph fencing and boxing. Stay tuned.


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