Monday, July 19, 2021

Tokyo Olympics - Flying out

I made it to the airport and all ready to roll. 

I have two camera bags which are on board with me, and one large suitcase which I checked. 

I got to the airport almost 3 hours early (as requested) and went to the only open lounge. There I met up with all the guys from USA Water Polo. This is my friend, Jesse Smith, the captain of the team.

Multiple negative Covid tests and passport had to be checked before boarding the flight. 

Now we are on board and all is good so far. Here are Marko Vavic (@markovavic) and Alex Obert (@aobert18) settling in and ready for the 10 and a half hour flight to Tokyo. I have to sign off now, since we are getting ready to push back. Next post from Tokyo!


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JCusack said...

So exciting 😊

OnTutaj said...

Jeff, have you had any issue with the weight limit on carry-on bags? Most airlines allow just 8-10 kg per bag. Have you paid extra for the second carry-on?