Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: USA Men's Water Polo vs. Great Britain

Tonight was another great night for the men's USA Water Polo team as they took on the team from Great Britain and beat them handedly. As always, I was there to capture images for the team.

The challenge for me is to capture images for the team that are different from all the images before. Lets face it, how many images can you look at with guys coming out of the water and taking a big shot? I still am capturing those shots but trying to find other unique perspectives to add into the mix.

This first shot was taken as the men prepared to enter the pool area. I love the intensity on Peter Hudnut's face.

A different look at a hard shot, taken by Tony Azevedo, with the defender falling backward towards me.

I shot the game with the Canon 300mm 2.8 lens and was able to lock in the focus on the athletes face to create more depth of field.

Good defense is as important as a good offense.

Half way through the game, having a comfortable lead, Team USA pulled Merrill Moses and put in the backup goaltender. I made sure to capture images of all the 2nd string athletes who might not see action in the weeks ahead.

The defenders will grab whatever they can to disrupt a play.

Because the Americans were playing against the hometown team of Great Britain, the crowd was heavily favoring the Brits, as it should be. Even though they lost by a wide margin, the crowd was loud and very appreciative of their team's efforts.

This is a good example of looking for some different images, as I continue to push myself to show different aspects of the game.

I like cleanliness of this image. It is simple and yet really powerful.

Lets hope that we have lots of water polo to come with a Gold Medal match. The men's Team USA is now 3 and 0. Great job guys!

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