Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: Women's Beach Volleyball

The other day I made the trip to one of the coolest venues at the Olympics. Located in downtown London, right near all of the tourist attractions, is the venue for beach volleyball. I really wanted to shoot here because I had so much fun shooting this sport in Beijing.

How about this view of the London Eye and the parliament building right next to the venue? Awesome! (I really want to head back to this site at night to try and get this wide shot with all the building lit up. It all depends on the evening water polo schedule.)

Great looking Olympic Rings...

A big block at the net.

I am not sure where all this sand came from.


This is one of the few sports at the Olympics where they have cheerleaders and a DJ playing loud music.  That is why I took this picture, I swear.

If I get out to this venue at night, I promise to post more images of Olympic beach volleyball.


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