Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: USA Water Polo Men vs Serbia

Last night the men of Team USA Water Polo suffered their first loss, against Serbia, who has a very strong team. Here are the images from that match.

The guys during the introductions...

I shot this photo, as I am always trying to find a unique shot, for the team and also to keep me challenged after shooting a lot of water polo.

Once the men from USA were down by a couple of goals, I could just see the coach pacing the side of the pool. I took this photo to tell that story.

I like this shot because it shows the action from behind the athletes. Again...something different from the last games that I have shot.

Another big battle in front of the cage.

Merrill Moses passing the ball off.

During one of the timeouts...

I like this shot with him peeking out over the water.

Lots of American fans again, including some family members.

This is water polo which means that there are lots of images of water splashes. This can cause havoc when trying to focus on the guys, so I am always using the back focus of the camera to prefocus on my subject (This means that I turn off the focus ability from the shutter button. This is the common practice among sports photographers.)

After the game I saw that Jesse Smith was saying hello to his family, so I ran over and took this photo. And then I asked him if he wanted a photo with both of his kids and I took the one below.

He is a really nice guy and said the nicest thing. He said "you are taking the best pictures of us ever!" That made my day.

The coach being interviewed in the mixed zone.

Tony Azevedo doing his best "Rocky" impression. :)

A quick grab shot from the arm of Tony.

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