Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canada vs Russia: Mens Hockey

Last night was a big hockey game which had the Canadian men against the Russians. I figured that it would be a very close game between two very good teams, but that wasn't the case. Canada came out really strong and before the first period was over, they were up 4 to 1 with more than 20 shots on goal. Holy cow!

For this game, I did not want to shoot the whole event, instead I wanted to key in on the guys from the San Jose Sharks and some of the Russian superstars.

Alex Ovechkin is an amazing player but could not get it going last night.

Evgeni Nabokov did not have one of his better games and got pulled in the second period. I was just glad that they did not pull him in the first, since I wanted to get some images of him in net (on my side of the ice) in the second period.

Big Joe Thornton.

Patrick Marleau, with Chris Pronger (boooooooo!) in the background.

The Canadians sneak another goal past the Russians, this time against Ilya Bryzgolov who replaced Nabby in net.

...and the Canadians were loving every goal.

Now I am getting ready to shoot the gold medal match between USA and Canada (Women). It should be a great game. These ladies are used to playing in front of 100 people and tonight they will be skating in front of 17,000 fans. How cool is that? Then I am going to rush back over to the Main Press Center for their press conference. That will probably be my last visit to the MPC before I head out tomorrow. This makes me both happy and sad. I will recap the two and a half weeks in a little while.

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Measoftoday said...

awesome shots of Joe and Patty - now back to earn the silver cup!