Monday, February 22, 2010

A HUGE thank you!!!

Now that I am well past the mid point of my Olympic adventure, I need to send a shout out to those who have made this all possible.

There are numerous companies who have helped me with my equipment needs for this adventure. THANKS a million to:

* Canon for loaning me the 1D Mark IV and endless lenses. Your equipment rocks!
* Lowepro for the camera bags. Mainly the x200 roller which has been a godsend for this trip. My back would not be the same without this bag!!!
* Western Digital for the stacks of hard drives. I am burning through hard drive space like never before and would be stuck without the extra storage.
* Wacom for the graphics tablets. Yep, I am hooked on these things and can not edit without them. Call me a Wacom addict.
* Lexar for the opportunity to be here and for the gobs of memory cards needed for this type of shooting. I never thought that I would rely daily on 32GB cards. These 600x cards are awesome!
* USA Hockey for getting me the Olympic credentials and trusting that I would deliver images.
* Nick at VANOC for helping me navigate my way through all of this organized chaos.
* Most importantly, my family, for being supportive of this adventure!!! I could not be here doing all of this without the support of my wife and kids. You are the best!!!

My editing area, here at the Vancouver condo

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Unknown said...

You did pack the kitchen sink then.