Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA vs. SWEDEN Womens Hockey - Another big win

Yesterday was the women's semi final hockey game and the USA team won big again, beating the Swedish team by a score of 9 to 1. With this win, the women head to the Gold Medal game against Canada on Thursday. This should be an awesome game with yet another cross border rivalry. It will also be the last event that I photograph before I fly home on Friday. (Yes, I am leaving early because I made a commitment more than a year ago...).

Here are lots of shots of the women scoring and celebrating...

Molly Engstrom's (defenseman for the team) family was sitting behind me for the game and showed their support for her.

Monique Lamoureaux scores one of her three goals of the game. I love this shot of her on the ice looking back at the puck.

This goal was really special because it was scored by defenseman, Kerry Weiland (#23). Why is that special? Well...when I was photographing the team party on the 19th, as I walked by Kerry she said "I need to high five you..." and we started talking. She is very outgoing and a little crazy like me. I made sure to get photos of her and her family and promised that I would key in on her to get some shots of her on the ice. So, when she scored this goal I was glad to capture this shot of the celebration. I also saw her jam over to grab the puck, but I missed that shot, damn!

Another puck going into the net.

This is another shot of the puck going in top shelf. But you will notice that this time I was able to get off of the glass and move around to get a different perspective. Even though I like shooting from the ice position, I was getting tired of the same perspective for every shot, so I moved for two reasons. The first reason was for a different look to the images, and the other was for my sanity. :)

This was a great score for the Swedes. This shot was tipped mid-air for their only score of the game. I was happy for them not to get shut out but happier to get multiple shots of the tip.

You guess it...another score...

Monique Lamoureaux (twin sister of teammate, Jocelyne) scores her hat trick goal.

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