Sunday, February 14, 2010

Short Track Speed Skating - This is a fun sport to watch!

I arrived at the Pacific Coliseum yesterday evening with much anticipation for short tracking speed skating. I have seen this on television and wondered what it would be like in person. I can tell you this, I was not disappointed. I got a photo position right up against the mats on the ice (after being delayed for 30 minutes...long story) and had a great vantage point. They literally assign you to a standing spot, by number, and that is your home for the night. No moving around, which means no food breaks, no sitting down and no bathroom breaks. One must be prepared for this photo gig.

This sport moves really fast and the competition is fierce. It is a blast to watch these skaters jockey for position as they carve themselves around the turns. Would I shoot this again? You betcha! And the best part was that the last event was a medal race where the USA athletes took silver and bronze. Apolo Anton Ono and J.R. Celski ended getting medals when the two Korean skaters took each other out on the last turn. Both were excited about the wins, but the smile on J.R.'s face was priceless!

That is Apolo peaking over the arm of the Canadian skater in second place.

This was shot during the relay trials. They do many transitions to the next skater and I happened to catch these two pairs at the same time. Cracks me up.

Apolo Anton Ono making his big move about half way through the race.

And the celebration begins...

This is my favorite shot of the night, when the two American's celebrated together. Not expecting a medal, J.R. was absolutely ecstatic to get the bronze and that showed in his smile. This is what the Olympics is all about!


Shelly said...

Oh what a night. The race was exciting to watch from my couch but I can't imagine the thrill and energy watching it in person. Amazing!

Love the reflection of the skaters in the ice.

Anonymous said...

Jeff- these pictures are AMAZING! What a treat to be an official photographer. Keep posting! I love it!


Greg said...

Well said and photographed!

skatewinkel said...

Skating is always more fun.....