Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A VERY full day of hockey here in Vancouver

I have now been at the Canada Place hockey arena for almost 12 hours and seen a couple of fun games. The crowds have tons of energy and everyone is having a good time. This venue is much more organized than the others that I have visited. There is easy access from the seats to the press room and even a bathroom close by. I even had a chance to grab some lunch today since there is a Costco right next to the arena, and about 50 feet from the press entrance. I got my entire lunch for the price of a bottle of water in the arena. Funny, but true.

Anyways...here are pictures from the first game today which was USA vs. Switzerland. USA won the game 3 to 1 (hopefully this has already aired in the States and I am not blowing this for anyone).

I did focus a little more on the guys that play for the Sharks. I took this one specifically for Joe Pavelski, since I told him that I would send him some shots for his own use.

They shoot...they score!

And the crowds go crazy! I love the spectators at the Olympics. Everyone is just so happy to be at the events, that they are all in good moods. Of course, it helps when "your team" wins.

I really like this shot since I captured the big spray of ice coming off of the players skate.

Hey look - it's a picture of me shooting the hockey game. See...I really am here at the Olympics. If any of you are wondering about the lovely green arm band, these are required for all credentialed photographers. With this, I am escorted out of any shooting positions. I am guarding this and my credential badge with my life!

Here is a shot of Team USA (most of them except for those on the ice). I wanted to capture this one for the team and for the support staff (who are friends from the San Jose Sharks).

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Shelly said...

So cool. I'm excited to heard that Canada Place has a fun atmosphere. I thave tickets to a hockey game on Thursday.

Heading downtown later today to check out the fan fare.