Friday, February 12, 2010

Press conference with the USA snowboarders

Yesterday afternoon at 3:30pm was the press conference for the USA Snowboarding team. I attended this for a couple of reasons. Shaun White is getting a lot of attention here at the games and my son would never forgive me if I did not photograph him when I had the chance.

The girls came out first and did their interviews. I have to say that the snowboarders are refreshing to listen to. They do not perform their interviews with the standard canned answers and trite comments. It seems like they have a lot of fun with whatever they are doing
Shawn White was asked if his nickname "The Flying Tomato" was gone and he answered with a definitive "yes". Then he and the press had fun debating on what his new nickname should be.

Some serious moments...

...and some not.

Here, Louis Vito, who is another of the top USA snowboarders, gives me a look as I capture this image.

Once the group interviews are over, they break out the team into different areas of the press room. Here you can see that Shaun White was the most popular one there.

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