Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shooting the San Jose Sharks Game

There is nothing cooler than combining two of my favorite hobbies. I love photography and I love playing and watching hockey. So...tonight I got my press credentials for the San Jose Sharks game and shot "from the glass". For those of you who understand photography...I was able to use the strobe system in the arena and shoot the entire game at 1/250 at f8 which is a dream. Of course, you can only shoot once every 3 seconds so that you don't blow the lights out, but it was great. The Sharks lost the game, but I did capture the moment that Mike Modano (from the Dallas Stars) tied and broke the NHL record for points for an American player. The following picture is his team mates saluting him from the bench while watching the replay.

To see more pictures from the game, you can go to:

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