Saturday, August 15, 2009

Albino alligator poses for me - Thanks!

I took this yesterday in San Francisco at the Academy of Sciences. This is a shot of their special albino alligator. After shooting some of the standard shots from up above the water, I decided to head downstairs where you can see under or above the water line. I got lucky! The alligator was perfectly positioned for me to capture him just above water with his reflection right at the tooth line. The lighting was pretty good too. I darkened the background by adding black to the image but that was about it for the editing. I did a Google search to see if others had captured any images like this (since thousands of people photograph this guy every week), but I couldn't find any view like this one. The photo doesn't really look real, but trust me, it is. A money shot in my book!
Here is a shot of the inside of the Academy of Sciences (showing the new architecture). They have done a great job with this space.

My daughter, Ali, found this cool shot. The walls of the aquarium were lit really well, with blue lights projected onto the contoured walls. Again, no editing, this was straight out of the camera. Good find Ali!


Masha said...

WAY COOL croc shot!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Jeff, brilliant shot of the Alligator!!! Nicely done mate.